3D Artist – Generalist



I’m looking for a 3D Artist-Generalist to be a part of our small indie team. The 3D Artist-Generalist will be responsible for creating sketches, hi-poly low-poly characters, environment models and animations.

Work with the team to ensure timely completion of game content at the desired quality.
Create sketches and 3D models of the environment, and rigged characters.
Creating Animations.
Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques and reviews.

Office in Krakow. Financial side will be discussed on the interview
We are aiming for photorealistic graphics, If you have experience in photogrammetry that would be nice. :wink:



I’d be love to assist you.

Skype: cisin.karen

Em-ail : karen.cis10@gmail.com

Hoping for prompt response.



I’m from Krakow. I can work remote on rigging, character animation and photogrammetry tasks.

LinkedIn profile - CV

contakt: mayamak1986@gmail.com

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