Game Industry Composer - Sylwester Faustmann


Hello there,
I am Sylwester and I spend more than 12 years as a passionate music Composer. I don’t call myself exactly as a musician - but a world creator, because for me always the first thing in music was to show with musical language new, convincing surroundings and influence people with properly sculpted emotions.
All of this - just to give them fantastic and exciting adventure! That’s why I feel more as the World Creator, than Musician, because every tiny sound and note in my pieces are deep studied and designed specially to build affecting story.

My skills are presented below with my Official Showreel medley:

(If you enter the channel, there is more of full length composed music)

You could write your own opinion by this and if you think, that my music can develop your game into higher level, just contact with me via e-mail:

And let’s create together something great.

Cheers! :slight_smile: