Prezentacja silnika Atum Engine



Atum engine is a newcomer in a row of game engines. Most game engines focus on render
techniques in features list. The main task of Atum is to deliver the best toolset; that’s why,
as I hope, Atum will be a good light weighted alternative to Unity for indie games. Atum already
has fully workable editor that has an ability to play test edited scene. All system code has
simple ideas behind them and focuses on easy to use functionality. That’s why code is minimized
as much as possible.

Currently the engine consists from:

  • Scene Editor with ability to play test edited scene;
  • Powerful system for binding properties into the editor;
  • Render system based on DX11 but created as multi API; so, adding support of another GAPI
    is planned;
  • Controls system based on aliases;
  • Font system based on stb_truetype.h;
  • Support of PhysX 3.0, there are samples in repo that use physics;
  • Network code which allows to create server/clinet; there is some code in repo which allows
    to create a simple network game

I plan to use this engine in multiplayer game - so, I definitely will evolve the engine. Also
I plan to add support for mobile devices. And of course, the main focus is to create a toolset
that will ease games creation.

Link to repo on source code is -!

Video of work process in track based editor can be at follow link:


Finally I finished work at track based editor. This editor allows to create animation for objects. For example, simple cut scene can be created in the editor.

Video of work process in editor can be at follow link:


Interesting. What programming language do you plan to implement? C#, C++, Python, Javascript? Or maybe a couple of them will be supported? :slight_smile:


Currently it is possible to write game logic using C++. If we are talking about adding scripting language like Python or Javascript then it is not a good choose. Javascript itself is a bad language because it is weakly typed and that is a cause of bunch amount of silly bugs. Also Javascript doesn’t bytecode. Python doesn’t look like a language for everyone.
C# may be a good choice but there are another great languages like Dart and AngelScript.

So I definitely will add scripting language in the future but it will be only one and I still thinking which one will be. Also I want to add something like blueprints from UE 4. And of course game logic can be written entirely at C++.