[Searching for Remote / Part-Time Jobs] Generalist | Warsaw



Hi all,

I’m looking for remote and part-time offers as a generalist. I got into gamedev 6 years ago. I graduated from New Media Arts at PJATK, Warsaw. I started working for a mobile game studio while studying and worked there for 3 years. Freelancing for 1 year. Teaching for 1,5 years Unity and Ludology at PJATK.

I usually work daily with Unity, Aseprite, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. I have knowledge of Substance Painter and UE4 as well, I use them occasionally for school and work. I can code at an intermediate level in C# too, though I wouldn’t call myself a programmer. I don’t have that engineering mindset.

Here are links to my works:

Other than work, I play video games for 25 years now. I have a passion for creating them. I do enjoy different and original art styles, retro looks (low resolution and 8bit music) the most. I sometimes stream my work on Twitch. I like tabletop role-playing and board games too.


Social media links (because some of my work are not on previous links):