Text-based RPG [ACTIVE]

  1. Why English?
    The content is written in English, international team possible in the future. We’d appreciate some basic skills.

  2. What am I working on?
    A text-based adventure game on Unity, probably using Inkle’s tools (check out ‘Sorcery!’, ‘80 Days’, ‘The Banner Saga’ – that was a joke, ha-ha, keep reading). Story, role-playing, nice gameplay. The project is at its early stage now, so it’s probably the best moment to join us.

  3. Who am I, then?
    I’m a writer and designer who’s tired of making non-commercial games and stories junked right after completion. I love telling great stories and that’s what we’re going to do - blow players’ minds with the best story ever told, allowing them to take part in it, rather than simply survey it. There is much wrong in modern games, especially those pretending to be RPGs. I’m going to make a difference, because I can.

4a) And you’re a complete beginner
You’ve been looking for a chance to get into ‘the industry’, but none occurred? Professional studios expect you to have years of experience, but no one is going to allow you to gain some? You’ve been looking for some non-professional offers, but most of them are junk and teams fall apart after a couple of weeks? Thinking about starting your own project, perhaps? Well, think no longer.

4b) And you have some solid experience (what are you doing here?)
If you’re here for money, look somewhere else. We’re not ‘working’, we’re creating - because we love it. The more effort we put into our game, the higher the potential profits are, but just for now - don’t count on getting paid (was it ever about money?). If you’re still interested in teaming up, let us know, we’ll certainly have great use of basically any solid background. Depending on team line-up, we may or may not add some additional features. For now, it’s just a text adventure. Feel free to allow us to grow outside notepad-zone!

Why work on one’s own when we can join forces and create something bigger than any one of us could do alone?

  1. What do I expect?
    Maturity and responsibility (seriously). In most cases, at least 10 hours to spare every week (oh, just be helpful).
    Basic English (if you get the point of this announcement, then it’s enough).

  2. Finally! Who am I looking for?
    Surprise me! Maybe I’m looking for you? If you’re interested, let me know via e-mail about your skills, experience (you don’t need to have much) and tell me why you’d like to work with me and what you’re expecting from our collaboration.

Contact: ar_lan@o2.pl
Subject: RPG + preferable role
e.g. ‘RPG - translator’ (yeah, we would use some English skills), ‘RPG - wiki manager’ (any volunteers to organise loads of lore and game information on our wiki?), ‘RPG - quest design’
Again - surprise me!

Hope to hear from you soon,

Don’t be afraid of English! If you feel equal to writing your entry in English, I’ll appreciate it, if not - you can freely use Polish (unless you put in for a position of English writer!).


Ktokolwiek spamuje mnie wiadomościami pt. ‘RPG-AK 47’, oby Ci enpece spadali przez tekstury :wink: