[Zdalnie] OpenGL/Vulkan Graphics Programmer [Junior-Senior 3500-13000 PLN Brutto + VAT]


Polska firma DevSH Graphics Programming Sp. z O.O.

Wymagany jez. angielski wiec ogloszenie po angielsku.


  • Archviz (Raytracing)
  • Benchmarks (Raytracing)
  • Gamedev (porting and game engine dev)
  • CAD (2D Rendering and Photogrammetry)


  • Proficient with C++11, with some knowledge of compile time additions in C++14 and C++17

  • Experience with either modern OpenGL (Persistently Mapped Buffers and DSA) or Vulkan demonstrated by at least one project in portfolio

  • Knowledge of GPU Compute is required

  • Recruiting task completed using our in-house engine.

  • Must be able to work mostly independently

  • Completed a degree or currently enrolled in education (we can make exceptions)

Bonus qualities:

  • CMake experience

  • Android development experience

  • Input Handling (keyboard/mouse/multitouch)

  • Calculus

  • Open Scene Graph

  • UE4

  • Google Stadia

  • Console Development

Warunki Wspolpracy

  • UoD lub B2B, po okresnie probnym możliwa UZ
  • 100% Elastyczne Godziny pracy
  • Elastyczny wymiar pracy
  • 0 crunchu ze wzgledu na dywersyfikacje firmy w projekty non-gamedev

Przewidujemy nabór przez kolejne 1-2 lat, wiec ogłoszenie można traktować jako dalej aktualne nawet w 2022. Prosimy o CV w formacie PDF na jobs przy devsh.eu



Trust you’re keeping good.
Surely, we can assist you on your requirements.

Please Reach me on my Email- seth(at)cisinlabs(dot)com, Skype - cis.seth